Typhoon and Rainstorm Policy

Typhoon & Rainstorm Warning

Parents should use your discretion in sending your children to our Centre if local weather, road, or transport conditions have not returned to normal or the lowering of signals has been cancelled. Please listen to radio and television announcements. These measures have taken solely for the safety of your children.

All session will be cancelled when Black Rainstorm warning is still in force after 1:45pm

Rainstorm warning /Typhoon
Action to be taken

1. Yellow / Red Rainstorm warning

2. Typhoon no. 1 and Typhoon no. 3

Sessions operate as usual

Note: for the safety of your children, parents should determine whether to send your child to the centre at your own discretion

3. Pre-Typhoon 8 & Typhoon 8 or above



Still hoisted at 7:00am

Centre will be closed for the whole day, all sessions will be automatically cancelled. Scheduled on-line session will continue as usual.

Pre-Typhoon 8 or Typhoon 8 –hoisted when classes are in session
  •  All sessions will be cancelled right away.
  •  Parent have to arrange to pick up your child as soon as you can while the weather condition is still safe to travel.
4. Black Rainstorm WarningStill hoisted at 7:00amCentre will be closed, all morning session from 8:00am to 1:00 pm will be automatically cancelled
Still hoisted at 11:00am Centre will be closed, all afternoon session from 12:00 noon to 3:30pm will be automatically cancelled
Still hoisted at 1:45pm Centre will be closed, all evening session will be automatically cancelled

Black Rainstorm Warning

– hoisted when classes are in session

  • Session operates as usual
  • Child can remain in the Centre / Home until the end of the session and conditions are safe for them to return home.
  • If the child arrived AP centre, AP will remain open until 6:00pm or when parent come and pick up your child

e.g.: if your session starts at 1:00pm Black Rainstorm is in force by 12:00 noon, then your 1:00 session will be cancelled

  • For Home session family – in the event of Pre-T8 is hoisted during your session time, kindly please help to inform our Therapist and arrange them to round up the session and leave your premises as soon as possible, it would be much safer to go home before the official hoisted of the T8.

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