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Every little life is a special present for a family. From the time a baby is born, parents journey through lots of highs and lows, wishing for their child to grow up with a big smile, make great friends, find their own way in a job they love, and create a happy family. However, for […]

Parenthood is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, challenges, and moments of profound joy. For Adam’s father, the discovery that his son, Adam, was on the autism spectrum marked the beginning of a unique chapter in their lives. This is the story of a father’s realization, acceptance, and the unconditional love and strength […]

How to support children to respond truthfully, or accurately, to us? [ Recap Part 1 ] Children lie to avoid punishment or responsibility, seeking attention from others, or to protect another person. Often, these behaviours happen after children find themselves in a conflicted situation or after they misbehave. While some lies can be simple (such […]

My son, Zhang, is now 8 years old and though he is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), to me he is just like other normal children, unique and special. To many others, Zhang appears to be a good looking little gentleman. However, compared to other children, the time and effort I spent to take […]

Grow at Your Own Pace(Sharing after 1.5 years of training in AP) Cheuk Cheuk is a cute little boy with an adorable smile. He has been receiving full day intensive #ABA training at AP HK since December 17, 2018 at 2 years and 6 months old. “Mum mum” was the only word that he could […]

Not Easy to Be a Mother of a ASD Child (1) Not Easy to Be a Mother of a ASD Child (2) At first glance, Kimi seems like an ordinary child with an adorable smile and an energetic temperament. Upon understanding him, you would realise that he took a long journey which started back when […]

  Life is like a drama and the unexpected can lie just around any corner. To be thankful for or to be frightened of what will happen, will depend largely on your attitude. Mrs. Lam, who already has raised 2 healthy and energetic daughters, did not expect that her third daughter Hengyu would succumb to […]

If you are a parent of a child with ASD, it is crucial to understand and appreciate your child’s uniqueness, and be prepared for the bittersweet journey ahead. When Mr. Chan discovered his daughter, Annie, was diagnosed with ASD, he immediately sought for various interventions as early as possible. Mrs. Chan recalled, “My husband told […]

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