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Parent’s Question:My son is 6 years old and is diagnosed with ASD. After 2 years of training, he can greet people spontaneously with eye contact. However, he still engages in shaking head, flapping hands, etc. All those self-stimulatory behavior makes me feel embarrassed when we are in the public. Except yelling at him to make […]

This teaching material is designed to teach children to sustain attention through activities, and generalize concepts related to zoo animals and surroundings.     Send us an email at apsparks@autismpartnershiphk.comto get the Christmas Version   Teaching objectives: Helps develop fundamental Learning How to Learn skill. Increases duration of attending to environmental stimuli. Helps increase student’s […]

www.APSPARKS.com, a ABA resource website aims to spark your creativity, and spark your very own unique programming ideas for different children with autism using a more progressive style of ABA. The website lists over 400 training videos, 100 ABA articles and 50 Research papers. New video programs update weekly. We emphasize on teaching children with […]

Parent’s concern: My child would not listen to teacher in class. At home, he can follow instructions but ignore them totally in class. What should I do? There are 3 main reasons why children with ASD cannot follow instructions in class. Hands-on #1: How to increase students’ awareness to teacher’s instructions in class: Hands-on #2: […]

Parent’s concern: My daughter is a picky and slow eater. She only eats things she likes and when she eats anything she hates (green vegetable) she will puke it out. Very hard to deal with, anything I can do to make her eat more different things? Picky eating is a common problem among children with ASD. […]

Everyone hopes to get their job done as soon as possible so they can relax and enjoy their rewards, and it is the same for children with ASD. Hence, for children with ASD to understand better the time they need to spend on each task (and to get the rewards), we use visual aiding tools. […]

Children with autism can have various behavioral problems that may hinder them to learn and communicate effectively in a classroom. In Hong Kong, many students with autism are attending mainstream schools which may not have specific skills or resources to help these students to learn effectively. Shawn is one of the many examples in Hong […]

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