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Parents Q&A: Sleep Problems in Children with Autism

Parent’s Questions: My son is 7 years old with ASD. He is not willing to sleep on his own and needs to sleep with me every night. If I am not back from work, he will sleep with his helper. How can we make him to be an independent sleeper? Autism Partnership advices: Sleeping problems […]

A child with ASD is well-taken care by AP’s professional therapists with the cooperation of his family; showing significant progress after the training.   Mum said that if Carlos could really articulate his experience, he would say: “My name is Carlos, I am a happy kid. Mommy told me that I was diagnosed with ASD […]

Many parents have approached and consulted me for tips to change their children’s disruptive behavior. Frankly speaking, to change a behavior is not easy.  Try to imagine that you have promised to change your habits and keep a healthy lifestyle, i.e. go to bed early and get up early, eat healthily and at regular time, […]

Despite Kyros was healthy at one year old, his mom felt a bit worried about his unusual development. She noticed her child was unlike other children at his age, not having corresponding responses such as moving body when music is played or using his finger to point at objects. At 19 months old, Kyros’ playgroup […]

Partnering with four prestigious universities – Hong Kong University, Chinese University, Baptist University and City University, Autism Partnership (AP) offered 12 internship places to university students to help them gain practical experience in work setting and maximize their potential beyond classroom lectures. AP had designed a comprehensive internship program that engaged the students to learn […]

I can still remember the day when my son was born and how happy I was when looking at him cuddling in my arms – that was the happiest moment of my life. When he was 3 years old, his teacher told us he had a lot of problems in class such as inattentive and […]

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