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Around the age of two, Lucas’ parents noticed that Lucas’ language development was slower compared to his peers, and he seldom communicated or interacted with others. At first, they thought Lucas was simply developmental delayed, however, as he grew older, various severe behavioural problems started to emerge. He was then diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders(ASD) […]

Matteo is now 5 years and 2 months old. When Matteo was 7 months old, his mother felt that he was a little different. Mom reported that Matteo has exhibited a variety of behavioural problems while growing up. Currently, mom’s major concerns are Matteo‘s inability to wait, sit down, sustain attention and remain focused in […]

Long Long is now 2 years and 11 months. He was diagnosed with ASD at 2 years old. His parents reported that Long Long has poor eye contact, has difficulties in following instructions and is unable to sustain attention and remain focused. His teachers also reported that Long Long cannot focus in class, often get […]

Ho Ho is now 2 years and 4 months old. He was diagnosed with ASD at age 2. Ho Ho is an extreme picky eater and refuses to eat a variety of food. His mum expresses concerns regarding his mealtime behavior problems, and it is especially challenging to get him to eat a healthy range […]

5 Hong Kong Families, 5 Children, and 5 Unique ASD Experiences and Struggles Parents of children with ASD score higher on levels of stress than other groups of parents. The daily challenges of caring for the child are endless and effect all aspects of the child’s care as well as the parent’s mental health and […]

One thing that parents and teachers of children with autism spectrum disorder are concerned about is their child’s social skills. Hoping that their children will play nicely with peers, some common skills that therapists and teachers usually target at the beginning are turn taking or sharing. However, at AP, we believe that developing social interest […]

[:zh] 入讀幼稚園對孩子來說是一個重要的成長階段。小朋友可以在幼稚園裡學習獨立地自理,學習跟其他小朋友相處等等的技巧,這些體驗都能幫助他們為下一個發展階段做好準備。 但這些看似很簡單的事情,對於有發展遲緩或患有自閉症的兒童來說往往比較吃力。由於他們獨特的能力和缺失,他們往往需要額外去學習一些基本的技能,才能融入學校生活。 一般家長和老師在思考「我的孩子準備好上學了嗎?」都會很自然地把重點放在小朋友的語言和理解能力方面,但SEN家長在思考這個問題時,需要衡量的則是一系列「我的孩子能不能…」的具體能力清單,例如: • 能不能安坐? • 能不能積極參與回答問題? • 能不能識別班房内不同的指令? • 能不能跟其他小朋友相處? 家長讓孩子上學的初心是希望上學對孩子的成長有益處,他們能在學校有持續的進步。因此,家長必須意識到如果孩子還未準備好上學,貿然把他們送去學校其實是弊多於利的。 在本系列的講座中,Autism Partnership的應用行為分析治療顧問將跟家長們探討患有自閉症的兒童入學的必備條件,並為具體的技巧範疇(包括聽從指令、如廁及進食的自理能力、自發性溝通)提供針對性的建議。希望能幫助各家長客觀評估孩子的能力,並為孩子未達標的能力展開針對性的訓練。 自閉症小朋友入讀幼稚園前的必備技能 專題講座直播 直播平台:YouTube 語言: 廣東話 日期及時間 主題 講者 9月16日(四) 6-7PM 自閉症幼兒入讀幼稚園前的準備 陸皓昕 Eunice Luk 國際認證行為分析師 9月20日(一) 1-2PM 教導孩子有效地學習和聽從指令 馮耀文 Raymond Fung 國際認證行為分析師 9月23日(四) 6-7PM 如何訓練自閉症幼童如廁 吳婉茵  Teresa Ng 國際認證行為分析師 9月27日(一) 1-2PM 學習處理自閉症兒童的進食問題 馮耀文 Raymond Fung 國際認證行為分析師 9月30日(四) 6-7PM 如何有效地運用強化物建立溝通動機 張文傑 […]

My child doesn’t like to come to study. Sometimes, when it gets difficult, he will start stimming and do all sorts of things, and he doesn’t pay attention anymore. What can I do? – QUESTION FROM A PARENT DURING OUR ONLINE SEMINAR Q&A SESSION IN MAY 2020 Parents and caregivers of children with ASD often […]

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