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Every little life is a special present for a family. From the time a baby is born, parents journey through lots of highs and lows, wishing for their child to grow up with a big smile, make great friends, find their own way in a job they love, and create a happy family. However, for […]

Since 1994, Autism Partnership (AP) has been committed to providing quality behavioral treatment for children with ASD. Having conducted over 100 peer reviewed researches and nearly 30 years of clinical works in different countries, we found that with quality early intensive intervention, children with ASD have the potential to make great gains that lead to […]

[:en]Throughout decades, new intervention methods for ASD have emerged one after another, but the effectiveness of these treatments remains controversial. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is considered by most as the “gold standard” therapy for autism; it is evidence-based, scientifically-proven and has come from decades of scientific research. However, there are still controversy around ABA therapy.[vc_row][vc_column_text] […]

My child doesn’t like to come to study. Sometimes, when it gets difficult, he will start stimming and do all sorts of things, and he doesn’t pay attention anymore. What can I do? – QUESTION FROM A PARENT DURING OUR ONLINE SEMINAR Q&A SESSION IN MAY 2020 Parents and caregivers of children with ASD often […]

Learning motivation has a great impact on students’ learning progress in both one-to-one and group settings. In AP, we put huge emphasis on developing and expanding students’ interest on a regular basis. In one-to- one therapy, staff work very hard in expanding students’ interest in toys, activities and social reinforcement. However, it might not be […]

Parents often talk to us about reading with their child being a difficult task. Sometimes the child may not stay with you while you read, or he/she may not answer your questions while reading. In the following, I will talk about some useful tips to make reading a successful and easy activity for parents to […]

Story of Nicholas Liu Jichin (a 16-year-old young man with ASD) from South China Morning Post A confident and gregarious youth, 16-year-old Nicholas Liu Jichin had an audience of several hundred people at Chinese University enthralled last November. His 30-minute talk at an autism conference turned into a two-hour session, as parents plied him with […]

Parent’s Question: My child is now eight years old and studying in Primary 2 in a mainstream school. He can speak, but his social skills and comprehension skills are not very good. I think he’s been sort of lying. For example, he had a PE class in school, but when I ask him if he […]

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