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Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

According to the data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2021, approximately 1 in 44 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). With the continuous increase in the prevalence of children with ASD, parents should empower themselves with the knowledge of ASD and the importance of early intervention. […]

It is not easy to be the parent of a child with ASD. There are joyous moments, but there is no denying the challenges parents face, and the stresses these take. We are honored to have a few families to share the joys and challenges of bringing up their child with autism. Often what parents […]

[:en] This content is only available in Chinese. Please share to let more people learn about ASD and ABA therapy.Facebook: APautismInstagram: autism_partnership_hkLinkedIn: autism-partnership-hk More Articles More About Our ABA Treatment Service [:zh] 根据美国疾病预防控制中心(CDC)于2020年公布的资料表明:大约每44名儿童中就有1名确诊自闭症谱系障碍(ASD)。随着自闭症谱系障碍儿童确诊率的不断攀升,家长应提高对自闭症的认知及早期干预的重视,积极为孩子寻找合适且高效的针对性训练方法。 1. 自闭症的症状/病征 自闭症谱系障碍,是一种广泛及连续性的发展迟缓,每人的严重程度和能力亦不一 。家长如若怀疑您的孩子可能有以下一项或多项症状,应及早带孩子去医院或专业机构咨询评估。   当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006     当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006   DSM-5的诊断条件 2. 自闭症警号清单 – 1岁半、2岁、3岁 自闭症在不同年龄段的特征亦有所不同,家长可根据不同年龄段儿童相应的发展能力进行初步的自测和判断。   当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006     当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006    当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006     当前视频无法播放,请向管理员反馈 #006   3. […]

Parent’s Question:My son is 6 years old and is diagnosed with ASD. After 2 years of training, he can greet people spontaneously with eye contact. However, he still engages in shaking head, flapping hands, etc. All those self-stimulatory behavior makes me feel embarrassed when we are in the public. Except yelling at him to make […]

School is challenging for students with autism because it requires a lot more than academic skills to be successful. Behavioural and emotional management, and learning how to learn skills are essential if they are going to learn anything effectively and efficiently. Social Communication Skill is the pre-requisite for participating in lesson activities and learning through working with […]

One common behavioral problem in children in ASD is not following instructions. There could be different reasons behind the behavior, and by identifying the possible reasons, parents will be able to resolve the issue efficiently. My child responds only after I repeat the instructions at least 3 times. This is a typical phenomenon parents face […]

Child development is an ongoing process with certain sequences. In general, when children reach a certain age and stage, they will have the corresponding changes in their physical, cognitive, language, behavior and social abilities. By the age of 18 months old, your baby will be able to perform these skills: Social and Emotional Language / […]

My name is Michael Tanzer and I am 26 years old. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, I wear glasses like my parents and I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I can write and understand in different languages like French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean and Hindi. My favourite TV show is South Park, because I […]

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