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Ten Steps of Behavior Management for Children with Autism

During the epidemic period and after school resumes, due to changes in the way of living and learning caused by home restrictions, coupled with the psychological pressure, many parents have reported that their children have repeated behavior problems of varying degrees such as non-compliance, temper tantrums, and even aggression towards others or themselves. These behaviors […]

Child development is an ongoing process with certain sequences. In general, when children reach a certain age and stage, they will have the corresponding changes in their physical, cognitive, language, behavior and social abilities. By the age of 2, your baby will be able to perform these skills: Social and Emotional Language / Communication Cognitive […]

Sustaining attention is one of the most crucial factors to improve learning efficiency. Parents are often concerned when their children fail to stay focused in a task or being easily distracted while completing a task. Due to the covid situation, many students have to learn through online platforms, which could be even more challenging for […]

My son, Zhang, is now 8 years old and though he is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), to me he is just like other normal children, unique and special. To many others, Zhang appears to be a good looking little gentleman. However, compared to other children, the time and effort I spent to take […]

APM Education Project is a campaign that brings awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder and address the importance of early intervention and effectiveness of APM treatment. Follow us to learn more about Autism and ABA Early Intervention! Mia is currently 2 years and 2 months old. Mia’s parents reported that Mia is non-verbal, and can only […]

The Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) in the United States has been committed to providing advancing effective methodology and behavior analytic intervention for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to reach their fullest potential and have an independent and high-quality life. In addition to providing assistance and support to individuals and families with ASD, APF […]

Socialization is a core deficit in ASD. Many individuals who are on the spectrum are facing different kinds of social challenges in a daily basis. The good news is, parents and educators are more aware of the social difficulties faced by young children with ASD and more resources have been allocated to alleviate their needs. […]

Teaching ASD children learning how to learn behaviour aims to develop a good learning attitude so that they can learn skills more effectively. There are many specific behavioral goals under the “learning how to learn” heading. Some therapists recommend that you first teach compliance. Some parents may prefer to work on eye contact first. Some […]

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